Program 2010-11

What does it mean when two divine humans come together to consecrate creative energy to the Divine Plan? Suzanna Kennedy and Casey Holt embody the fullest expression of what we call a Sacred Union. In this interview, we talk with them about the full spectrum of Sacred Union relationships, including love, business, and friendship

Suzanna KennedyFor 15-years Suzanna Kennedy served as a business consultant in the auto industry. She specialized in the design of corporate training programs and led large-scale change initiatives. There she mastered the skills to gather information from many different sources, synthesize it, organize it and arrange it into bite-size pieces to change behavior and accelerate performance. The training programs she designed were delivered to 50,000 people in 14 languages and 104 countries throughout the world.

In 1997 she experienced a spontaneous quantum consciousness awakening.

“In retrospect, I learned that the fiery energy that ran up my spine burned away the false-ego identity that my mind created in my first seven years. I was left with my True Soul Presence. I had no emotional attachment to my old self or life roles. It was very disorienting and there wasn’t anybody around that could explain what happened to me and why.

The good news is that without the filters of mental programming I was able to see life from a whole different, higher perspective. And without the emotional neediness, I developed a huge capacity for compassion and unconditional love.

My True Self Presence rewired my brain and reprogrammed my mind. Both hemispheres of my brain started working together and I suddenly had abilities that I didn’t have before.” ~~ Suzanna Kennedy

One of her new abilities is to tap into Universal Intelligence in a way that bypasses the filters of the mind and comes directly into her consciousness. It’s like a file download from a higher dimension that she calls the Science of Creation and Consciousness. From this body of Divine Science, she developed a new consciousness technology called Divine Human Upgrades™. Her clients find freedom from past limitations and experience expanded levels of harmony, abundance and creativity in their daily lives.

Author of the book Sacred Union: Pathway to Paradise, Suzanna teaches you how to access and upgrade self-limiting mental programs and safely release pent-up emotions that keep us locked in a cycle of struggle and stress. Once free of the past, she guides you to embody your own Divinity and consciously create your version of Paradise on Earth.

Residing on the isle of Kaua’i in Hawaii, Suzanna does most of her work through teleclasses with participants from all over the world.

Casey HoltCasey Holt is well-known for his healing gifts; working primarily with the physical body through massage, healing touch, and energy medicine. He anchors the Divine Masculine energy in his Sacred Union relationship with Suzanna and as part of his planetary service.

Casey focuses on moving high frequency energy through the physical body and integrating it with the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Casey studied with a wide range of world-renown teachers of tantra and loving relationships, making him an excellent model for the Divine Masculine in a Sacred Union relationship.

Sacred Union Partners, Casey and Suzanna stand as Rod and Staff, embodiments of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. They are among the first of many genetically compatible couples coming together, serving as the balanced archetypes of the new crystalline race.

The love expressed by the two of them, through their Sacred Union, births a new energy. Now in Trinity, the Sacred Union frequencies and patterns become an amazingly powerful component and technical necessity of the Divine Plan for the Ascension cycle.

Suzanna and Casey have sacred contracts with certain geographical locations to anchor the Sacred Union patterns into the planetary grid and transmit the Sacred Union frequencies to the stewards of the region.

According to the Divine Plan, humanity is ascending along with Mother Earth. Humans will ascend in groups, representing 12 ascension waves. As individuals claim their inherent Divinity and move through their personal upgrades, they prepare to ride the next wave of Ascension. Many individuals have soul agreements to connect with their Sacred Union partners near or following their ascension.

Suzanna and Casey stand as a beacon of light for these Sacred Union partners to join in a global web of community to co-create Paradise on Earth.