Recently, the writer and polymath Ken Wilbur brought the amazing life and work of Mahendra Trivedi to my attention. Trivedi (also known as Guruji), founder of Trivedi Foundation, an emerging world leader and pioneer of ushering in the next evolutionary leap for humanity through a new science by integrating science, divinity and consciousness.

Guruji’s capacity to conduct and transmit universal spiritual energy (or “shakti”) is utterly remarkable, as proven by numerous scientific experiments.

Ken Wilbur writes:

This is a short account of what appears to be the emergence of a new form of Life Energy. This Energy is presently being transmitted by an individual affectionately known as Guruji, in a process he calls “blessing.” The results of this transfer are rather remarkable, as demonstrated by empirical testing on items such as plant growth and human health.

My understanding of this Life Energy and the process of “blessing” is that, as many theorists have already noted, we seem to have entered a new evolutionary epoch on Earth and in humankind’s history. There have been important major transformations in the past-including foraging (with an archaic worldview), horticultural (with a magic worldview), agrarian (with a mythic worldview), industrial (with a modern worldview), and informational (with a postmodern worldview).

Several of us have been predicting for some time that a significant new transformation is beginning on Earth at this time. Various psychological tests and sociological indications tend to show that there is the beginning emergence of a new type of consciousness. It’s been referred to as integrative or integral or truly holistic. According to Integral Theory, every state or type of consciousness is accompanied by a specific type of energy (gross physical energy, subtle bioenergy, causal spiritual energy), and so the emergence of this new consciousness should be accompanied by a new degree of energy along that spectrum.

This is in accord with Guruji’s own account. According to him, the Earth has entered a new Energy Field, which completely surrounds the earth and all its inhabitants, an Energy that is occurring at a significantly higher frequency than the previous Earth energy. All life forms on this planet are therefore, at this time, “out of sync” with this New Energy. Guruji’s “blessing” transmission acts to recalibrate the individual (or plant or animal or whatever is blessed) with this New (and spiritual) Energy, and this results in numerous benefits, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. In other words, it might be that the Energy that Guruji is working with is the energetic support or correlate of this new Integral transformation. And that’s really pretty extraordinary. It’s pretty amazing that that might be happening.

I encourage you to dig deep into Trivedi’s work. It is a manifestation of Light and the Divine.