Program 2010-9

Towards the end of my interview with Susanne Skadron, she notes that to begin to move forward and heal in times of spiritual emergency, one must allow change to unfold. We have much to learn from her wisdom and journey, and I am grateful for her willingness to share her experience of change and healing with us.

Susanne Skadron is a sound healing practitioner, voice and piano teacher, and Chi Kung instructor. In 2002 she was working as a pianist for a children’s theater company when she began a very unexpected journey into mental illness, or ‘spiritual emergency’.

It began as a shamanic crisis which was treated as psychosis, followed by three years of major depression and anxiety. The spiritual emergency was medically treated with multiple psychiatric medications.

Susanne relied on inner wisdom to slowly withdraw from the medications, using meditation, raw foods, and tai chi ch’uan and chi kung practices. She also developed her own method of ‘Sound Chi Kung” which uses vocal tones combined with chi kung movements, to help heal the brain from the after-effects of medication.

Susanne feels compelled to share her story of recovery in order to inspire hope in those who are in the midst of crisis, or  know someone who is in need of support.

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