The third video in the Awakening As One trilogy has been released. If you haven’t already, I encourage you to view the first two parts of this important series: The Call, and The Plan.

The trilogy represents an important co-creation between the filmmaker Keith Wyatt, and many thousands of individuals around the world. It is a compelling statement of positive transformation. A movement of individual and planetary awakening is beginning to coalesce and grow, and the tools of digital media lead the way.

I’ll be traveling to Nelson, B.C. shortly for a “Community Council,” where like-minded residents of the Pacific Northwest are coming together to co-create and implement strategies to unite the Peace-loving people of the world.

If you have time and interest, your participation would be welcome.  Feel free to contact me about how you can become involved.

The Prophecy – “The Awakening Trilogy” Pt. 3 from keith wyatt on Vimeo.