Love is an upliftment of the vibrational frequency level of “normal reality.” “As above, so below” becomes a clear axiom for integrational observation and acceptance of reality. Connectivity is heightened, and joy becomes a corollary of rightful, attentive action.

Meditation now extends from a point of stillness to conscious observation of the world. The same lens is in use, though at a different degree of magnification from that used with the sitting, stillness, breath-oriented, quietude state. Linkage is sustained.

Freedom, joy, and love are affirmations of this connection with source – not objectives, but results. It allows and accepts this state as is, amidst the almost gravitational pull of distraction.

Discernment and witnessing allow (and allow one to choose) attention toward events supportive of connection and compassion, as well as toward events of a disconnective nature, so that all events become connective.