Program 2010-4
Listen Now: Poppy and Peter – NZ Health Retreat (mp3-28MB)
(Note: the phone connection to New Zealand resulted in some audio artifacts in two sections of the interview. We left those sections in, due to the critical importance of the information being communicated.

This stimulating discussion with Poppy and Peter of the NZ Health Retreat Center in New Zealand deals with the immediate trend of transformation, service, light and the uncompromising connection with the divine in each moment.

Poppy and PeterPoppy and Peter are “natural living, breathing, sentient, flesh and blood people (tangata whenua-people of the land) with life experiences,” who hold professional degrees in Metaphysical Sciences, and Counseling – but do so much more.

Their intent has more to do with their intention of connecting with people for their highest good. In being dedicated volunteers for NZ Health Retreats, funds are raised for humanitarian projects which improve peoples’  lives with the intention of benefiting all people.  Their values are based upon love, truth, integrity, ethics, honesty and compassion.

Poppy and Peter have put their programs together based on learning, research and experience in bringing treatments, therapies (and therapists) and teachings together in such a way to give their guests the greatest opportunity to improve their lives.

The NZ Health Retreat offers programs for Detox, Depression and Anxiety, Time Out, Stress Relief and much more, with the goal of starting to get better and becoming more free in areas of life that are feeling stuck or difficult. They help clients search for clarity about life direction and purpose, find physical and emotional healing, and work collaboratively to help make changes to diet and lifestyle that support well being,  peace and ease.