Program 2010-2
Charles-Norman Holmes: Listen Now (mp3-25MB)

Charles-Norman Holmes is a highly-achieved athlete and honor-roll student who followed in his father Ken’s footsteps as an entrepreneur. While living on Vancouver Island, together they have developed real estate, built and sold spec housing, grew and sold hydroponic greenhouse vegetables and marketed health products.

After moving to Vancouver, Charles and Ken and founded Living Harvest and Hempco, the world’s premier hemp seed food companies bringing to the market for the first time: hemp protein powder, Hempmilk, hemp ice cream, Achiva, Hemphuel biodiesel and soon: Hemp Blocks.

Charles began this life’s work after his personal disease symptom experience in his early 20’s triggered an intense desire to understand the cause and removal of disease and integrate consciousness. In 2005, Conscious Planet – a complete rejuvenative product line and educational program delivered person to person through the network distribution business model, was birthed.

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Charles is an author and lecturer on health and consciousness. He is supported by his wife and sacred relationship life partner Wind. Charles’ personal mission is the co-creation of a succinct Life Mastery Program and a self sustaining intentional community that is a living example of how to co-create on earth in abundance, peace and harmony.