Insightful spiritual leaders are able to peer deeply beneath the surface reality of life and experience how intricately connected every life form is, and how the composite of all life is intelligent far beyond an individual’s capability to both perceive and express. These visionary leaders can thus interpret this deeper reality through their personal abilities to perceive and express life’s dimensional depth and limitless intelligence. Yet no one is able to articulate life’s full dimensional depth and breadth with the tools of language. They can only, at best, describe their interpretation or their impressions.

In actuality, all of us are able to peer beneath the surface reality of life and perceive a unique vision of the universe. We require only time and intention to develop our own interpretations. And this is precisely what many great spiritual leaders have taught.

Life’s deeper essence is not an absolute to be experienced by the chosen few, but an evolving, dynamic intelligence that wears as many faces as there are life forms. No group or people has the exclusive portal into the universe by which the Divine expresses itself in all its majesty. The portal is available to all, because the Divine is within all things.

The great spiritual visionaries of Earth have all, in their own way, interpreted the universe and humanity’s role therein. They produced a dynamic vision of life and the universe beyond what was currently defined within the hierarchy. Each of these great prophets or saviors thus created a new portal into the universe and were willing to share their vision knowing well that debate and probable ridicule would follow. These men and women were the gateways for humanity to explore new facets of itself, to engage a part of its oversoul or collective consciousness that was essential at that particular time in its evolutionary cycle.

Yet the visions of these great leaders, because they were articulated with authority and depth of insight, became a target of debate among various subgroups of the hierarchy. This debate then created a polarity of belief. A sympathetic constituency emerged to defend and embellish their particular leader’s interpretation, while most established groups held it in contempt of previously held beliefs.

Eventually, the leader’s interpretations became confined and shaped into rigid dogma by followers who desired to create a new religion or sect. Thus, this infusion of fresh insight quietly receded into the hands of the hierarchy, where its deeper meaning became obscured by the very fact that it was incorporated into a massive structure that both protected and promoted it.

Divine intelligence is connected to individuals and not organizations. Thus, the hierarchy is disconnected from the Divine in a vital and dynamic way. The hierarchy is connected to its own collective desire to help, to serve, and to perform a function that allows the use of power to drive toward the vision of its leaders. In itself, this is not wrong or misguided. It is all part of the primal blueprint that orchestrates the unfolding of consciousness from divine wholeness to sovereign soul, and from sovereign soul to collective wholeness. This is the spiral of integration that breeds wholeness and cascading beauty within the universe.

What the hierarchy has loosely labeled as spirit comes as close as any word to the essence of divine intelligence. Divine intelligence inhabits all realities as an extension of the Divine. It is the emissary of the Divine that interweaves with the hierarchy as its counterbalance. Divine intelligence is the factor of integrity and alignment, which ensures that the hierarchy is serving its purpose within the primal blueprint. Divine intelligence is, in effect, the “scientist” who oversees the grand experiment. It establishes the criteria, selects the variables, monitors the results, and evaluates the alternative outcomes in the laboratory of time and space.

The grand experiment is the ongoing transformation and expansion of divine intelligence through all beings in all dimensions of existence. It is the purpose of the grand experiment to test alternative paradigms to determine, with some certainty, the paradigm that is best able to unify consciousness without impinging on the sovereignty of the individuated soul. The grand experiment is composed of many distinct stages that interlink, leading to the great mystery. Most of these different stages are being simultaneously played out within the time-space universe in order to prepare the universe for the impending expansion of divine consciousness into all forms and dimensions of existence.