After consciousness initially enters a human body, it is fragmented into a physical, emotional, and mental spectrum of perception and expression. From the day of birth onward, human consciousness is conditioned to adapt into, and navigate within the limited three-dimensional, five-sensory context of the Earth. In effect, the soul purposely fragments its consciousness in order to experience separation from wholeness.

The desire to evolve consciousness derives from the feeling of being less than whole, and in particular, the feeling of being disconnected from the Divine due to the fragmentation of consciousness. It is through these feelings that the fragmentation perpetuates itself and is passed into the genetic mind, which is the shared foundation of humanity. The collective genetic mind of humanity is the single most powerful component of the hierarchy. It is formed by the very conditions of living in a three-dimensional, five-sensory context that is all consuming.
The desire for salvation results from feelings of inadequacy that constantly surge within the collective consciousness of humanity through the genetic mind. These feelings are again related to the fragmentation of individuals, and to their consequent inability to fully grasp their holistic nature, to reach into their divine origins, and to accept their divine equality with all. Thus ensues the seemingly endless search to be saved from the inadequacy and insecurity that result from the fragmentation of consciousness.

In this state of separation, human consciousness has handicapped itself for the purpose of gaining new experience and a deeper understanding of the primal blueprint or grand vision of the Divine. Once we develop a more expanded level of experience and understanding, our consciousness one day will, through the human body, transform this three-dimensional reality into a self-aware, integrated component of the universe. This magnificent and purposeful endeavor produces within us the urge to seek out our wholeness and re-experience our divine connection to All That Is.

The desire for connection and wholeness, in large measure, is the fuel that drives us to seek out and explore both evolution and salvation within the context of the hierarchical paradigm. It provides us with the motivation to seek help and guidance from a specific group within the hierarchy, and in so doing, cultivate a sense of connection, belonging, and unity. It is this very sense of connection, belonging, and unity that fosters a growing awareness of the underlying union between you, your divine essence, the world around you, and All That Is.

This is why the hierarchical paradigm is essential as a component of the grand experiment. It is why feelings of inadequacy and insecurity are developed and nurtured by the hierarchy. The hierarchical paradigm is a key stage where, faced with inadequacy and insecurity, people eventually develop a sense of belonging and unity, a sense of connection to some grand, encompassing vision. This is also why the hierarchy nurtures saviors who point toward a greater vision. These perceived saviors can facilitate the unification of all people, which in turn, facilitates the integration of humanity with the Divine.