Program 2010-3
Listen Now: Sally Austin (mp3-28MB)

This program was a lovely discussion of the power of creation, sanctuary, love, and connection to spirit.

Sally Austin is an interfaith minister, psychic channel, healer, and spiritual psychotherapist. She is also a writer of spiritual/inspirational prose and poetry. Her pen name, and spiritual name, is Morning Star.

Sally was born with the gift of psychic sensitivity, which she inherited from her Welsh Celtic ancestry. She was born in the North West of England, and found her spiritual calling, and pathway, in her early 20s. She pursued the exploration of spiritual and psychic development, in an attempt to fully understand and more fully develop her gifts. This led to her ability to channel the consciousness of the Divine Mother and the Ancient Ones.

Through her own process of healing, and opening to Spirit’s light, Sally was guided to follow a parallel pathway, to her spiritual calling, that encompassed the study of psychology and psychotherapy, which she found to be an integral part of spiritual enfoldment and consciousness transformation. Sally now specializes in spiritual psychotherapy, and assists people in consciousness transformation and healing.

Her studies in metaphysics, spirituality, and psychology led her to London England, where she graduated with honors from University College London, with a B.A. in Psychology. She later pursued her studies in the United States, graduating as an Interfaith Minister of Spiritual Counseling and Divine Wisdom, from the New Seminary in New York. Sally then went on to completed a Masters degree in Spiritual and Counseling Psychology, at the University of Santa Monica, in California—where she now lives.

The main thrust of her ministry and healing practice, incorporates providing direct guidance to others, from Spirit, through her psychic channeling ability. This includes guiding others in their true calling, as well as navigating them through their current challenges. She works with people both nationally and internationally, as a psychic channel, healer, shaman, and counselor.