Program 2010-1
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Druanna Johnston started her career as a psychic empath and Tarot reader when she was 17 yrs old. She moved into Reiki and Seichim Healing in her early twenties. Traumatized after going through a traumatic divorce in 2004 (where her ex-husband took her two older children from her), she reflected on deep questions such as “Why are we here?” Where do we come from? ”

Convinced that there was a reason she had to go through her particular experiences, she resolved to learn and grow from them, and share with others the wisdom and remedies she learned while resolving these situations. This lead her to go “further down the rabbit hole” in her research into holographic universe, quantum physics, psychic phenomenon, and channeling.

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A notable experience for Druanna involved connecting with Elhadi Shehab, an extra terrestrial who invented Air Cars in Europe, but was prevented from bringing them into the US.  Her experience with him brought her to a greater understanding and a deep appreciation for wanting to live again.

She received international exposure via her YouTube Channel in October 2008, when she performed a video tarot card reading in connection with Blossom Goodchild’s channeling of the Federation of Light.

She is the creator of, a site dedicated to the research of Sovereignty, and Commercial Redemption of over 3,000 members! She is currently Training with Creditors In Commerce Master Training in L.A. to be a Conscious Secured Party Creditor in helping others get out of debt.

She has a new radio talkshow on Blogtalk radio discussing topics such as the paranormal, psychic readings, Earth changes, prophecies, spirituality, UFOs, energy healing, Commercial Redemption, and Sovereignty.