Jean Hudon has written a Meditation Focus called “Moving to Higher Ground,” which dovetails nicely with the Light Transitions method. I hope you find it useful.

“The Time Has Come to let go of all our past certainties and to open ourselves to the higher callings we hear while immersed in deep meditation into the sublime reality of our Divine Self.

Now is the time to let flow freely from our Higher Selves the guidance that will show us the Way ahead towards the Promised Land of the new era of Light and Love that has been the ultimate goal of all our soul-driven efforts over the past several years.

We can no longer simply sit idle and hope that our current way of life based on the illusion of our separation from All That is will continue forever.

It won’t.

While there are many signs all over the world that the various unnatural systems upon which we depend for our daily sustenance and material comfort are on the verge of collapsing, and while the quickly accelerating unraveling of much of the Earth’s resilient but threatened natural systems continue unabated, numerous souls guided by a strong sense of spiritual integrity and their own self-chosen mission have been working ceaselessly to launch and implement the many-faceted solutions that can best address the manifold crises we face.

We all have a unique and essential role to play towards co-creating the now imminent Golden Era of peaceful, harmonious, loving coexistence with all other life forms on Earth – including our own. We all have been receiving the necessary life training in preparation for what we came here to achieve. We all have the inner resources required to successfully face the challenges ahead.

All we need now is to make a complete and permanent leap of faith, let our Higher Selves take over the reins of our lives and cease enabling our egos to be the all-controlling force of our existences. All we need now is to trust, fully and unconditionally, the wise guidance of our Soul Selves and to place all our bets squarely on their impeccable ability to see us through the current challenges, to feel the best way ahead, every single step of the way, and to guide us right where our Universal Progenitor wants us to go.

All we need now is simply to Be Who We really Are.

It is time to let go of all old programming, religious and cultural ones especially – which includes the money paradigm based on the fear of lack or on obsessive compulsive greed. It is time also to let go of our personal life stories, such as the various roles we play in life as parents, at work or otherwise, so as to make room for the nascent new Earth paradigm and new Consciousness, both of which starts, first and foremost, in our minds, hearts and souls.

Our goal is to be-come less and less focused in our ego/earthly personage and more and more centered in and responsive to our soul consciousness. We shall nurture the universal mind-template of God-centredness and this consciousness-seed will soon quickly grow in ourselves and, through resonance at soul level, in most every other souls around us and around the world. The germ of it has already been sown in us all and now the time has come to deliberately and willingly nurture it until it blossoms into the overriding force that it is meant to be in our lives and on Earth in its emerging new dimensional adobe.

Our keynote vibrational baselines are to be Love, Compassion and Oneness, and the main pathway to achieve this, the Golden Path of Light, is surrendering in graceful abandon to the Divine Flow of Universal Will that constantly runs through us when we Let It Be, here and now. This is in short what moving to higher ground means, symbolically and actually, and this is to be the main focus of our collective meditations and moments of deep spiritual communion in the four weeks ahead, for the Highest Good of All as One.”